Workshops and Consultations

We want to help you develop and implement your Integrated Writing strategy.  We offer workshops, consultations, and other services to assist you.

Custom Workshops:

We will work with you to develop a workshop for your program, targeted to your interests and questions.

  • Taking Stock: What Can We Learn from Our Students’ Writing?
  • Writing AND Content: Tweaking Content-Oriented Assignments to Strengthen Student Writing
  • Responding to Student Writing: Making Grading Easier AND More Effective
  • Curriculum Mapping: Where Does Writing Belong?
  • What Counts as “Good Writing”?

Other services:

  • Visit department meetings to introduce the Integrated Writing requirement & answer questions
  • Facilitate departmental discussions
  • Focus groups with students and/or alumni about their experiences with writing in the field
  • Develop a department writing profile based on course syllabi
  • Meet regularly with a team of faculty to help them develop your Integrated Writing strategy

To get started, contact Dr. Sherry Linkon.