Our Mission

At Georgetown, we educate students to be leaders in a global world. We do this by having a rich liberal arts foundation that students build on with deeper knowledge in their specific majors. On both levels, writing plays a significant role. Because writing reflects and shapes thinking and learning and because leaders must communicate effectively, we want our graduates to be known for their excellence as writers.


To achieve that goal, we have a two-level writing program that lays a strong foundation in critical reading, strategic thinking about writing, and the hands-on practice of writing early in a student’s career. Students then strengthen and focus their writing as a disciplinary practice within their major. Specifically, every student will take a first-year Writing and Culture Seminar that focuses on core ideas about critical reading and writing and a course or experience within their major that builds on those core ideas in the context of the field.

The Georgetown University Writing Program coordinates the new first-year Writing and Culture Seminar and helps programs develop their Integrated Writing strategies. The program also serves students directly, through peer tutoring at the Writing Center.