Why Writing Matters

Entering college students already know that strong writing skills are needed for success in university-level courses, but it’s the job of the writing teacher to explain why these skills are important. These articles explain why writing proficiency matters in college and afterwards.

Writing Matters: Writing Well May Be the Key to Getting a Job or a Promotion

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This article from UC Berkeley explains the importance of strong writing skills as graduates search for jobs and eventually seek out promotions.

Why Writing Matters

In this article from Scripps College, the author discusses the benefits of writing—both personal and professional.

The Importance of Good Writing

This blogger for Career Builder offers a black-and-white outline of why strong writing is an essential component in the job market.

Reasons Learning College Writing is Important

In this article, the blogger explains the importance of writing proficiency across the disciplines and how strong writing in one area will transfer to other fields, as well.