Writing & Culture Seminar

Most Georgetown students fulfill the first-year writing requirement of the Core Curriculum by taking WRIT015: Writing and Culture Seminar. The course links rhetorical analysis with critical reading and writing in varied genres and styles. Faculty design their sections around varied themes and use diverse approaches, all emphasize these learning goals, aimed at helping students develop the following abilities:

  • Read critically, paying attention to the ways that texts reflect their contexts, purposes, and audiences
  • Adapt their writing for multiple genres, styles, and technologies in ways that reflect different rhetorical situations
  • Based on analysis of genre, context, purpose, and audience, deploy language’s many resources, including its figurative power as well as conventions of grammar, punctuation, syntax, and semantics, to shape and communicate meaning with clarity and fluency
  • Research, evaluate, and synthesize evidence in order to build and support effective analyses and arguments for different contexts, purposes, and audiences

We have also created some general guidelines for teachers of WRIT015.

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Sample Syllabi: